UTC Kuwait | FAQ




1. General

You should use UTC as your distributor as we have over 70 years of proven experience in the GCC region and have established ourselves as a premier distributor and retailer, offering both new and established brands across many different markets and categories.

We already have over 100 world-recognized brands including Gillette, Oral B, Braun, Hanes, General Air Conditioning, Glem Gas, Vileda, Chantelle and Parker. We also have 10 retail outlets across Kuwait and we are looking to expand further. In addition to this, our Service Centers are in operation across Kuwait to address the needs of our customers.

We have the contacts and supply chain support to be able to distribute any brand across the GCC region and increase your sales and profit.

If you have a brand or product and would like to increase your market presence in the MENA region, then please contact us.

At UTC – we offer a wide variety of products across a large number of categories including:

  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Perfumes & Cosmetics
  • Personal Grooming
  • Homeware

We have over 100 world-recognized brands including Gillette, Oral B, Braun, Hanes, General Air Conditioning, Glem Gas, Vileda, Chantelle and Parker. For more information please visit our Brands Page.

Yes we have the distribution channels and supply chain infrastructure to distribute your product to anywhere in Kuwait.

We have been in this industry for over 60 years and represent over 100 established brands throughout the region. Brands such as Gillette, Oral B, Braun, Duracell, Hanes, General Air Conditioning, Glem Gas, Vileda, Chantelle and Parker are all distributed by UTC here in Kuwait.

We have over 90% market penetration here in Kuwait so you can be sure that if you want your brand to reach a lucrative market here in the GCC, UTC are the people to deal with.

We operate 10 retail stores throughout Kuwait and also distribute to all major retail outlets and hypermarkets. We have a strong customer service team and brand management division to ensure your products get the exposure they need.

UTC is your trusted business partner in the region. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team to discover how our 60 years of proven experience can lead to your brand’s success.

No. We don't provide servicing for appliances which are not our brands.

UTC are expanding and as a result of this we are always searching for motivated, qualified and experienced individuals to join our growing team. Feel free to email a CV and cover letter to us at hr@utc.com.kw

2. Shopping at UTC

At UTC we offer the best brands at the most competitive prices. We have over 90% market penetration in the region meaning that you will see our products at 90% of retail outlets, including hypermarkets, grocery shops or convenience stores.

If you see a brand distributed by UTC, then you can be confident that it is a brand of high quality that you can trust. We have many years of experience in bringing in the high-quality brands from around the world and we can assure our customers that they are only purchasing the best available products.

Yes we do. UTC has its own Retail stores around Kuwait and we are able to stock your brands here. We have 10 stores and the numbers are growing.

We have also included the GPS Coordinates of all our stores in our locations section – positions are given in DMS format.

Our Stores are in premium locations around Kuwait - please Contact us for more information about our Retail Stores Locations.

From time to time UTC will offer discounts and sales across our various retail outlets. You will see our advertisements in local publications, newspapers and social media (Facebook and Instagram)  – however the website is always the best place to check.