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    Picture of Vileda 1-2 Spray Max Refill

    Vileda 1-2 Spray Max Refill

    1.500 1.200
    Picture of فليدا 1-2 سبراي ماكس

    فليدا 1-2 سبراي ماكس

    Innovative spray mop with a machine washable microfibre head is great for all hard floor surfaces. The top quality design of the Vileda ProMist mop allows you to perfectly control how you clean your floors, and leverages the full power of thousands of microfibres to lift and capture the most stubborn dirt in addition to a scrub zone created to scour scuff marks and embedded residue. This leading edge mop accurately controls the spray mist and offers a 360 ; swivel head. The easy-to-refill ProMist will prove a durable choice to clean and dry your floors quickly and beautifully.
    9.650 7.720